OFR/NC (Coastal) Adventure.

Ronnie M sent this e-mail about a recent trip he and some friends made. It is quite an adventure. Enjoy…Subject: M.C. Trip- VA., WV., KY., OHIO.

4/19 Fri. 400 Miles 11 1/2 hrs.
Met David, Ron, and Ed at the Waffle House, Shallotte, NC.
Kick stands up 7:30 AM, rode 130 to 74, then 220 north to Asheboro, NC.
Had a new spring put on my kickstand, then we visited the Harley Davidson Museum. Had BBQ lunch at Zaks which was recommended by a biker that we met- very good!
From 220 we arrived at hwy 52, a great twisty road that we continued on into Bluefield, WV. where we spent the night.
4/20 Sat 320 Miles 11 1/2 hrs.
After an uncomfortable nights’ sleep we hit the road before 7 AM.
Other than the fact that Davids’ and Eds’ beds had already been slept in and the pillows didn’t smell good, it was an awful place, but the only choice, and the motel was full. They slept in their clothes on top of their beds.
We continued on 52 through VA, WV., KY., into Ohio. What a great trip. We started getting heavy rain at 1 PM in Ohio which we rode through for 3 hours. Ed had to pour the water out of his boots at the next gas stop. Then I saw a sign with directions to Wayne National Forest on S.R. 93 so we headed to it. Took a photo for our H.D. ABC’s of Touring, then we continued on 93, unbelievable twisties. We stopped in Jackson, Ohio for the night.
4/21 Sun. 336 miles 10 hrs
Cold weather has arrived. Low 40’s as we all added extra layers of clothes. We rode to Pickerington, Ohio and toured the AMA Heritage Museum. Our arrival was interesting. David was so cold that he neglected to put his kick stand down, and fell over in the parking lot to the enjoyment of his friends.
Then we had lunch at a good Mexican restaurant.
We entered Hwy 70 in cold, windy, cloudy conditions. Bought extra gloves at the first gas stop to use as liners as our fingers were numb. As we passed through W. Va. It started to rain and the temperature was dropping. We stopped at the Pennsylvania welcome center and were warned of a bad storm approaching. We then rode to Washington, PA. and got a couple of decent rooms at the days Inn.
The weather report says that it will begin to snow tonight and increasing snow, wind and freezing temperatures for the next day. Looks like we are stuck here for a while. SNOW in late April- GREAT!!
Mon. 4/23 No Miles
Cold- 34 degrees and raining, but heavy snow further south of us at Somerset, PA with 5 inches and accumulating. I just extended our stay for another night.
We all took a walk around the neighborhood dressed in riding clothes.
First coffee and pastries at the motel, then we walked to a drug store where we all bought candy, except David who bought potato chips. Then we walked accross the street to the Donut Connection where we all had more pastries, hung around a great hardware store where david bought a tarp to cover his bike,then to the Pizza Hut for lunch and were finished by 11:30 AM.
Took a nap, then back to Pizza Hut to get Davis’ cell phone after getting a call from Seaweed in N.C. by the person that found his phone and called the first contact listed, who then called us.
While we were there we had a couple of beers for $2.25 each- nice atmosphere, friendly people and frosted mugs.
Spent all our in between time watching the weather channel.
The owner of the motel has allowed us to put our bikes in the conference room, where they sit warm and cozy for the night.
Tues. 4/24 340 miles 10 hrs
Cold- 36 degrees.
Ron and Ed left at 7 AM for home as they needed to meet appointments on Thursday.
Sterl and Dave left at 8 AM riding east toward York, PA. As we passed through Somerset there was a lot of snow but the roads were clear. We visited the H.D. Engine Plant, then rode to Martinsburg, W.VA., ate dinner at a Japanese Steak House -very good.
Wed. 4/25 370 miles 11 hrs
Cold 46 degrees, kick stands up at 7:15
We entered Sky Line Drive at 8:30 AM in 48 degree weather which dropped to the low 30’s as we reached the higher elevations with plenty of snow, beautiful views. We left westerly to ride through the George Washington National Forest- great curves and twisty roads. We re-entered the Blue Ridge Pkwy. And rode north to Charlottsville, VA. And then took rt 288 which bypasses Richmond and stopped for the night at exit 10 off Hwy. 95 in Chester, VA.
I think that we are further from home than when we started this morning but it has been a really fun day.
Thursday 4/26 503 miles. 13 1/2 hrs
Kick stands up at 7:00 AM 46 degrees.
Heavy rain, poor visability through VA., rain quit as we entered Emporia where we exited I 95 and took hwy 301 to Rocky Mount. We obtained our E at Edgecomb County and made a rash decision to head to the Outer Banks to get our T at Tyrell County. It was a 240 mile side trip and it cost us 3 hours but we got our T. We rode in and out of the rain all day and arrived home at 8:30 PM.
Now we have all the letters of the alphabet for towns, we need two letters of the alphabet for Counties- Q which is Quitman, GA. on the Alabama line and Z which is Zapata County, TX, and we need one more National Forest.
We now have 79 points, (our goal is 78) but I want to get a couple extra points in case there are any dis qualifications .
So far we have traveled 8,045 miles on this scavenger hunt.
2232 miles for this past week’s trip.
We are exhausted after a long cold, rainy, snowy, windy trip, but it was a BLAST !!!!!!

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