OFR of South Mississippi – RIDES AGAIN!

OFR of South Mississippi has been absent due to many work schedule conflicts and other poor excuses.  We finally got the old gang and several new members together for a 200 mile ride on Saturday, 28 Aug 15.  After enjoying a nice breakfast and fellowship at the Diberville, MS IHOP restaurant, we all climbed on our rides and headed north into the Desoto National Forest.  What a beautiful day!  Weather at start was in the low 70’s and topped out to about 88 as we disbanded at lunch.  10 members and 2 ladies of the OFR Chapter of South Mississippi participated with promises of more at our next ride.  We had the pleasure of hosting one active duty US Navy member and a bunch of old Chiefs and one SMSGT of USAF on our ride.  The rest are either US Navy contractors or US Navy civilian employees.  We make a great group that likes nothing better than talking motorcycles and riding.  We look forward to being more active in the future.  Hope you take a look at our photos.  Ya’ll come visit our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast when you can!

Big T

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